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Integrations and Data Transfer

Whether you’re big or small, we need data in order to facilitate the delivery of our services to your customers. We’ll work with your technology team to implement the best solution possible.

API Integration

ABS offers a suite of APIs which can be integrated with your point of sale, ecommerce platform, ERP, or custom technology stack. API integration allows for the best possible experience for both you and your customers. No tech team? We’re here to help. ABS is happy to work directly with you and your vendors to facilitate an API integration.


Many of our customers prefer the simplicity of a file-based approach for sending us data. To facilitate this, ABS accepts CSV files sent to our SFTP server. Our file-based approach is fully automated and allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to integrating with your systems.

Plug and Play Integrations

ABS is working with major eCommerce and point of sale vendors to create plug-and-play integrations that will get you up and running in a matter of minutes, not months. If you are looking for a specific plug and play integration project, get started by contacting us today.