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Version: v1

Sending Data

The body of the post will be a JSON representation of the object being passed (Registrations, Claims, Sales or Cancellations) and the fields are listed in the data dictionary.

Numbers should be passed as true numbers to make validation simpler, strings will be quoted as standard JSON.

Return code will be standard HTTP status codes with more information about each post as JSON in the body

Return Codes‚Äč

Status CodeNameMessage
200SuccessSuccessful POST, all records written.
206Partial ContentA post with multiple records had some written and some rejected. The body will be a JSON array of the records accepted and the the fields that caused errors.
400Bad RequestThe POST was missing required fields or all records were rejected. The body will be a JSON array of the fields that caused the error.
401UnauthorizedFailed authorization, check your Partner ID and JWT Token.